The 1st Collector’s Night

Pablo Gallery recently launched a series of monthly talks that is hoped to create a more meaningful engagement between the public and the art community. Starting off with Collector’s Night where art collectors, curators, artists, designers, writers, esteemed experts in conservation and museum stewardship are invited to talk about their collection and the impetus for such.

This series of intimate dialogs are hoped to inspire further immersion and support to the thriving art community as our invited speakers are enjoined to share memorable anecdotes about their collection and to dispense advice and tips garnered from experience.

For the first Collector’s Night, we had young art collector Migs Camacho who presented through a slide show his inspiration on collecting and the impetus to how he started. He was a partner in the print gallery DAGC cofounded with Manuel Ocampo.

His familial connections, being a cousin of artist-siblings Bea and Enzo Camacho, lead him to friendships with MM Yu, Poklong Anading, Romeo Lee, artists he has consistently been following. Eventually this went on to further connections with some artists who were part of the Bastards of Misrepresentation, (the exhibited curated by MJO which toured Berlin, Hamburg, New York and Sete, France) such as Pow Martinez, Jayson Oliveria and Gerardo Tan.

His immersion in the arts started early on by being acquainted already with the works of  Yayoi Kusama, which his aunt Kim had a sizable collection of and which was lent to the Ayala Museum for an exhibit.  He would like to impart the same art nurturing environment to his twin babies who became his recent inspiration or driving  force in choosing works to include in his collection. It is also fortunate that his wife Criscy share similar taste and passion for collecting contemporary art.

His advice to those who would start collecting is to go by gut feel and that, although collecting art is partly done as a financial investment, the relationships and friendships cultivated in the process makes the collection even more valuable.

The talk was capped off by drinks generously provided by Fuller’s Philippines, the exclusive distributor of London Pride Beer.


















Tin Garcia’s Homebodies Opens on August 2 Saturday at Pablo Fort

Blessed Is That Servant

As For Me and My Dom

The works in Homebodies, Tin Garcia’s latest collection of paintings and installations, take inspiration from the Book of Hours, a Christian devotional manual from the Middle Ages. The creators of these illuminated manuscripts added luxurious amounts of embellishments and iconography- the same details that can be found blossoming on Tin’s lavish canvases.

The Book of Hours advocated a rigid set of instructions for prayer and worship. Tin adapted this austere program for the creation of her works. For hours on end, she sat below her paintings, painstakingly embroidering each flower, each vine, and each cord. These thousands of stitches transformed the creative process into a form of artistic monasticism. But instead of praising the holy, Tin’s works revealed the delicious kinks of women in bondage.

Much like prayer, bondage can exist as a form of public theater. For some players, bondage unfolds along the peripheries of performance art, public exhibition- and even cosplay.

… and then, there are the individuals who see bondage as a private ritual, their deepest kinks more akin to a personal prayer than a bombastic sacrament. In this group of embroidered paintings, Tin unveils acts of bondage taking place behind doors. A lustrous ponygirl chomps on her bit while scrubbing the floor. An obedient maid takes loving punishment – perhaps for bungling a household chore?

These daily devotions take meaning from their seemingly banal context- after all, acts done in private, away from the gaze of vying peers, are often the most sincere. As it is with these women, so it is with the artist, bound to her creative process, realizing that the act of relinquishing freedom is in itself an assertion of power.

– Iñigo de Paula

Destroy 3000 Years of Culture (An Inventory)


Paola Germar : I Love Your Eyes. You, Not So Much





Marija Vicente : Innernet


Kat Medina : Hole


Tanya Villanueva : Giffing ( Your Great Grandmother)


lou lim

Lou Lim


jerome suplemento

Jerome Suplemento : Loading 1 and 2

gino javier

Gino Javier : The Rise Behind Enemy At The Gates




Alden Santiago : Remodern Guilt

alden santiago detail

Remodern Guilt (detail)






Mark Sanchez : 18288/144000 Bytes of Some Gif of White Noise



Regina Jardiolin


Molly Soda : Flan Girl



Patrick Cruz : Astral Envelope Archiving & Michael Jordan Collectible Veronica Pee : Jelly Light



Aldrin Olaguer


Martin De Mesa

cian dayrit

Cian Dayrit : Mabuting Taglayin




Eleanor Giron



more of the animated gifs

Destroy 3000 Years of Culture (The Opening Night)

Patrick Cruz recently launched his project space with the 1st Kamias  Triennale, an exhibition that "attempt to address the conditions of art as somewhat temporal and fleeting. From various art spaces, contemporary art trends and artists, the ephemeral qualities of art production are questioned and examined. "

Patrick Cruz recently launched his project space with the 1st Kamias Triennale, an exhibition that “attempt to address the conditions of art as somewhat temporal and fleeting. From various art spaces, contemporary art trends and artists, the ephemeral qualities of art production are questioned and examined. “


Local graffiti art pioneer, DJ and music producer Arvin Nogueras (aka Caliph8) with Pow Martinez who plays for Pastilan Dong and Mall Suicide.


the very young staff of Scout Magazine, a new lifestyle magazine we’ve all yet to see




artists both : Alvin Zafra and Jed Escueta who is next in line at Post Gallery for an exhibition of his photographs this coming September


The Met Museum staff visiting and promoting their upcoming big fundraiser for September of this year


MM Yu with Ateneo Art Gallery angels Thea Carpio Garing and Zeny May Recidoro who is also involved with Transit, a soon to launch literary and art journal


Salad Boy, designer behind the label Salad Days

the curator of the show Jeona Zoleta and Salad Boy in a let’s-just-hang-pajama party mode


the rest of the posse

The Sutton Group


john jayvee2

John Jayvee’s impromptu performance

john jayvee IMG_5900 IMG_5904 IMG_5905







Jacob Lindo with Vic Balanon who is currently preparing for a solo exhibit at Art Informal this August


Salad Boy, Jamaica, Marvin Tojos and Dina Gadia who came from a small press expo (BLTX) to sell zines she publishes with Allan Balisi as Saturnino Basilia and with Nine Iron



gif show artists Martin De Mesa, Lou Lim and another costume change from Jeona

Destroy 3000 Years of Culture opens on July 26 at Post Gallery



Opening this 26th of July, Saturday, 6PM at Post Gallery Cubao, is Destroy 3000 Years of Culture,  an exhibit, and it would seemingly be the first of its kind here in Manila, that would showcase gif art and internet-based art. Featuring the works of 20 plus artists who are from the so-called millennial generation, a generation soaked in by the omnipresence of digital technology and its consequential visual overload.

Presented in multiple formats and a wide variety of medium, these artists quintessentially epitomize a bombarded aesthetic rife of appropriated nostalgia, multiple deconstruction and reconstructions of manipulated imagery coursed through the glitches in technological heterotopia as displacements in the virtual netherworld.

Featuring the works of  Catalina Africa, Jan Balquin, Patrick Cruz, Cian Dayrit, Martin De Mesa, Paola Germar, Eleanor Giron, Regina Jardiolin, Gino Javier, Lou Lim, Kat Medina, Aldrin Olaguer, Veronica Pee, Salad Boy, Mark Sanchez, Alden Santiago, Jerome Suplemento, Molly Soda, Gail Vicente, Marija Vicente, Tanya Villanueva.

Curated by artist Jeona Zoleta, Destroy 3000 Years of Culture’s opening will be highlighted by a performance by The Sutton Group.

An artist talk in line with the show will be presented on August 23 at Post Gallery, Cubao.





Selecter FM Sessioners

Paparazzi photos for the first Selecter FM Session with Kaloy Olavides, Pow Martinez, Rico Sleepyheads and Lourd De Veyra last July 19.

Pablo Gallerist Osie Ocampo with Jeona Zoleta, artist and curator of the giff art show opening at Post on July 26

Pablo Gallerist Osie Ocampo with Jeona Zoleta, artist and curator of the giff art show opening at Post on July 26


with Erwin Romulo of Esquire Philippines



Cavite-based artists Mac Valdezco and Eugene Jarque go-proing the guitarfestation


Tito and Tita the independent film collective, slated to have a show at Pablo Fort this November


Gerardo Tan with San Francisico-based artist Jeniffer Wofford in town for the 1st Selecter FM Session


Art collector Migs Camacho with Berlin-Sydney-based artist Maria Cruz who will be opening an exhibit at Cultural Center of the Philippines this 24th of July


Macy and Wee Disney drummer Mike Mendoza


CCP Thirteen Artist awardees (from different batches) with JLC



artists Allan Balisi and Albert Sy who also publishes their own zines and retails other DIY publications under Nine Iron. Albert will be doing a Selecter FM  Session this September.

artists Allan Balisi and Albert Sy who also publishes their own zines and retails other DIY publications under Nine Iron. Albert, who play guitars for Bad Omen and makes mix tape compilations, will be doing a Selecter FM Session this September.


Selecter FM Launch July 19

It was an amazing launch for the 1st Selecter FM Sessions with Kaloy Olavides who was joined by Pow Martinez, Rico of Sleepyheads and Lourd De Veyra.  It drizzled earlier that night but that didn’t put a damper on the guitar-shred-o-rama.

All artists/musicians have their own respective bands, Kaloy with Pow and other artist musicians Alvin Zafra and Cos Zicarelli are part of Pastilan Dong which just recently launched their self-titled debut ep. Rico plays guitars for the three-piece art exhibit regulars Sleepyheads who aim to “create music that would serve as “the soundtrack” for the paintings, sculptures, installations and performances of their fellow Filipinos.”    While Lourd, who is usually heard and seen spinging for the Jazz rock band Radioactive Sago Project, gets to show his guitar chops rarely seen nowadays since his Dead End days in the early 1990s.

It was just awesome that they have all come together to jam, avante-style.  Here’s to future Selecter FM Sessions!!!!! IMG_5542









ArtBike 5 is an annual event where a tour of galleries, museums and arts spaces in Manila are visited by bicycling to those places.  It may be crazy to do so in traffic congested in Manila but it did happen.  Last Saturday July 12, a throng of 5o+ braved the city streets and joined the tour.  The second stop was Pablo where everyone relished the lemonade water and biscuits served while viewing Eleanor Giron’s exhibit Steady Now, Swiftly. It’s still on view until the 26th, so please visit either by bicycle or by any transport of your choice 🙂 Of course, biking tops it 😉

All photos courtesy of Jay Taruc. more can be viewed here .

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Selecters FM Sessions Launch

Post will be launching a series of music and multi-media hosting with invited artists, designers, film makers, hobbyists, hangers-on, etc. where they will spin, dj, or program a selection of music, or films, or videos downloaded from youtube, vimeo, or vine, or even a “curated” videoke playlist. It’s enforced enjoyment/enlightenment by the Selecter of the Night.  To be held every third Saturday of the month, the first of these sessions will be headlined by Kaloy Olavides who will be orchestrating a wall of droning guitar sounds.  It starts at 7PM and booze and bbq will also be sold to appease your appetite for destruction.







Kaloy Olavides : (f)Art Fair

Kaloy Olavides’ exhibit (f)Art Fair is still on view till the 19th of July. Hope you all can visit and see his show 🙂

Here is his take on his exhibit :

” (f)Art Fair is inspired by Freud’s theory of sexuality. I believe that everything a man/woman does is according to his/her sexual satisfaction . This does not exclusively mean the consummation of the physical/coitus act. It begins and extends into various types of objects of desire. An object of desire can range from a person to anything material to every intangible concept such as beauty and societal status. Gratification, recognition, and, ultimately, possession of the object of desire are what drives a person’s ‘sexual’ satisfaction”

I show my belief in Freud’s theory in my collage pieces : magazine cut-outs consisting of faces of people arranged in a circle exhibiting a glossy and aspirational life; cut-outs of lips in attractive shades illustrate society’s aim for beauty and the lengths one goes through to achieve this; collage with subtle painting of the genitalia seek a subliminal effect amidst a supposed incoherence in the images. ”

Hypnotic Orgasmic

Hypnotic Orgasmic

Hypnotic Orgasmic (detail)

Hypnotic Orgasmic (detail)

Nose Collage : Measurement of Beauty (Luger)

Nose Collage : Measurement of Beauty (Luger)

Feeding Bottle : Lips

Feeding Bottle : Lips

Nose Collage : Measurement of Beauty (Hanger)

Nose Collage : Measurement of Beauty (Hanger)


Look Down (installation view)


Look Down (detail)

Look Down (detail)

Pennytration 1-6

Pennytration 1-6