Pow Martinez : May Cause Profound Mental Retardation ( The Works)


on view until November 15.


after yoga face

After Yoga Face, 2014, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

gods gift

God’s Gift, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 18 inches

ideal body

Ideal Body, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

macho man

Macho Man, 2014, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

male pose

Male Pose, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches


Pickles, 2014, oil on canvas, 72 x 49 inches


untitled portrait

Untitled Portrait, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 18 inches

video message

Video Message, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

wrong body 4x6

Wrong Body, 2014, oil on canvas, 72 x 49 inches

wrong body

Wrong Body, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

wronger body

Wronger Body, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Pow Martinez : May Cause Profound Mental Retardation



On September 27 Pow unveiled a new series of paintings in a show called May Cause Profound Mental Retardation at Pablo The Fort. Following from a style reminiscent of Philip Guston, the works unflinchingly flaunt the body in all its contorted glory. How apt at a time of social network and websites being flooded with news of leaked celebrity nude pics and the persistent hypocrisy of the moralizing policing over these things, and of the selfie phenomenon (as can be gleaned on the duck portrait, a visual actually literal illustration of duck-facing), the internet a seeming gateway to an utter trashbin of vanity preening and trolling. We may as well have been living in the instant-gratification dystopia of Idiocracy , the painting of skulls floating in a jar, heads pickling far too long in too deep in these inanities. Interestingly, the contorted bodies in Pow’s paintings draw parallelism in his sound art practice where he circuit bends gadgets and guitar effects to maximize further the aural capabilities of an otherwise limited technology. The human body, in a way, “circuit bends” itself, through surgery, physical exertion, yoga, steroids, and virtually through Photoshop, to either approach the ideal or to even surpass that ideal, resulting in a misanthropic caricature instead, and as probable prototypes for Pow’s idea of the post human body.


The artist with Pablo Gallerist Osie Ocampo all in good cheer


the grub



the beer

IMG_7323 IMG_7455

IMG_7337 IMG_7404


new media curator Merv Espina (behind a series of talks & dialogues on current art practices as research material for a really big project, would also be curating an exhibit at Vargas Museum this November) with Albert Sy, who plays bass for punk band Bad Omen and DIY distro Nine Iron henchmen, will be spinning for Post ‘s third edition of Selecter FM Session on October 4 Saturday.

Coincidentally later that night, found myself conversing with Merv about humans being robots themselves primarily, the implied meaning of robots as labor, homogenous thinking, that the battle cry of Workers of the World, unite, is really a trap into homogeneity, into rather further submission into servitude.  Thanks Jack for that!

The boys!


the usual suspects : Mike Crisostomo (the other half of the Weather Bureau, currently preparing for a solo exhibit March next year at Post), part time seaweed farmer Kurt Gloria doing stencils for a solo exhibit at West Gallery, Ferdz Valencia part of a group show opening at Pablo November of this Year, & Jed Escueta who will be doing a walk-through of his exhibit Coprolite Happens at Post on Oct 11


JLC, JO (opening a show at West on Oct 30 and at Finale on November), Esquire EIC Erwin Romulo, Argie Bandoy ( also part of the group show opening at Pablo this Nov)


IMG_7364IMG_7344 IMG_7396 IMG_7418 IMG_7419 IMG_7423

IMG_7392 IMG_7441


new friends living and working in Manila, such as art historian Tina from University of Michigan who is doing a research on art from the 70s of Southeast Asia with a focus on Philippines and Malaysia.

the bikes

IMG_7394 IMG_7395


the jam

IMG_7372 IMG_7371

IMG_7375 IMG_7409

IMG_7432 IMG_7431 IMG_7417


IMG_7444 IMG_7434

IMG_7447 IMG_7449

IMG_7454 IMG_7439IMG_7457











Jed Escueta Coprolite Happens opening

Last September 13 Post opened Jed Escueta’s Coprolite Happens to an intimate crowd of friends who’s graced his photographs he’s taken for the last 10-plus years.  The exhibit is meant as a culmination of this certain set of his photographic collection to make way for a new series, a new work, a new take on photography/image gathering.  Cheers to that and to this awesome cache full of fond crazy poignant memories!






Earlier that afternoon, a BMX competition was held sponsored by the neighboring clothing shop.

IMG_7122 IMG_7129

IMG_7130 IMG_7132


Jed’s miniature dinosaurs covered with an exoskeleton of very tiny cut-up photos.

IMG_7146 IMG_7147


Lighted ephemerals

IMG_7149 IMG_7151

IMG_7152 IMG_7154IMG_7153








Flora and fauna




Jed Escueta with Argie Bandoy


Paris-based artist Gaston Damag who’s here in Manila for a series of shows (at Drawing Room which just opened last Sept 6 and at Vargas Museum this October), Australia-based artist Juni Salvador and Post and Pablo gallery director Manuel Ocampo


Mike Crisostomo  (has an upcoming solo exhibit at Post March of next year), MM Yu (currently on an art break) and MJO

this priceless photo album



Jed with Leo Sano furniture designer and sometime seesionist with ska/reggae band Coffeebreak Island


fresh grad from UPFA Brisa and aspiring curator and writer Zeny May Recidoro


Jed with Muckefuck skate graphics designer Ferdz Valencia and graffitti artist Egg Fiasco


with indie film actor and Latin language teacher Ian Lomongo



with  Jayson Oliveria (with upcoming shows at West Gallery and Finale this October and November, and a solo exhibit next year at Pablo), artist and seaweed farmer Kurt Gloria and Pol Mondok who recently came back from an art residency in Koganecho, Japan


Bandoy sharing shop talk with sound artist Roger Lopez who provided aural texture to the projections of Jed Escueta



crowd gathered for Roger’s full aural assault





Roger’s aural arsenal


Pow Martinez pumping up the volume. He’ll be opening a show very soon on Sept 27 at Pablo The Fort.




Selecter FM Session : 2nd Edition

Post’s 2nd edition of Selecter FM featured projected animations and drawings by artists Mariano Ching and Apol Sta. Maria played to the open beats by Owel Alvero and Pat Sarabia and the unnamed trumpeter that Owel just recently met the day before online.

The self-publishing duo Saturnino Basilia aka Dina Gadia and Allan Balisi also launched their newest zine release Nothing Existed Here,Produced in editions of 60, the zine is a compilation of drawings derived from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 film, Alphaville. The text is lifted from the film’s dialogue, specifically from 32:20 to 35:39, and used as a basis and accompanying text for Allan’s 26 drawings.



IMG_7017 IMG_7018

IMG_7025 IMG_7026


IMG_7028 IMG_7036

IMG_7031 IMG_7037

IMG_7041 IMG_7088


Apol’s nifty app for video spinning




IMG_7061 IMG_7066IMG_7062




video here






Builders Depot at Post

A builders DIY show-and-tell session was conducted at Post last September 5 at Post, that was attended and conducted by sound artists, noise musicians, electronic dabblers and new media artists such as Tengal Drilon, Tad Ermitaño, IC Jaucian, Roger Lopez, Pow Martinez,  Alden Santiago and Caliph8  filling that day with enlightening information about arduino, circuit bending, video mapping, tesla coils, and all the sort of shop talk you’d most probably hear in a science fair. But interestingly presented as to provide possibilities in creating and pushing art further with technology.  Too bad, the students missed this. Hopefully, there would be another Builders Depot session, sometime soon.

This is Regiben Romana (filmmaker) and Joee Mejias (musician) trying out Tad Ermitaño’s skinner gadget which operates and produces or a sound’s pitch can be controlled by vapor and touch.






Here is a demonstration of another project by Tad called Sammy and The Sandworms, an interactive work where sound can be manipulated through drawing. This was shown in Media Art Kitchen in Jakarta in 2013.



Noise musician/sound artist Roger Lopez aka  inconno ictu ( sound samples here  ) presents his built- from -scratch synths, mixers and sound gadgets.




the inside of a sound gadget he’s currently building for Pow Martinez




a former skater, Roger upcycled his old board into an improvised Koto



IMG_6987 IMG_6993


Pow Martinez had been in the indie music and sound art scene since mid 2000, performing and recording as NUN RADAR, Trojan Whores, and currently as Mall Suicide with Jeona Zoleta and playing guitar for Pastilan Dong. These are some of the gadgets and instruments he’s built from cannibalized guitar parts, and guitar effects gadgets and amps, applying circuit bending on some of these.

IMG_6841       IMG_6840

IMG_6842 IMG_6839

IMG_6915 IMG_6918

IMG_6923 IMG_6925

IMG_6929 IMG_6932



IC Jaucian demonstrates his drawing-generating automaton (Drawback) running on arduino and from parts of mechanical and battery operated toys.

IMG_6975 IMG_6861

IMG_6966 IMG_6969


Here is a demonstration of his Tesla coil wireless energy generator. The bulbs light up when they’re near the coil, since it is low current it doesn’t burn your hands or fingers or not hot to touch.

IMG_6973 IMG_6978


Here he demonstrates how sound vibrations can create forms dependent on sound frequency, using plaster of paris powder, speaker, etc. Pow suggested to turn up the frequency to 440Hz, the frequency by which the Nazis attempted to standardize western music and to control people as opposed to the previous 432 Hz, the natural frequency of nature.

IMG_6980 IMG_6984


Tengal Drilon started his presentation with the sound cabinet work he did for the Maceda Project exhibited at Vargas Museum in 2013.

IMG_6914 IMG_6939


The wires used for the sound cabinet

IMG_6942 IMG_6949



Here he demonstrates an interactive infrared sensor that enables one to control visual patterns of a sound just by gestures, much like how wii operates.

IMG_6955 IMG_6954

IMG_6957 IMG_6960


Then a brief demonstration of how video mapping works, much like keystone adjustment on a video projector, where you just toggle edges of an image to your specified shape. Some programs that can be downloaded for such is video mapper and resolume.


Builders Depot concluded with an open jam session with  Caliph8 

IMG_6995 IMG_6997

IMG_7000 IMG_7003

IMG_7005 IMG_6911

IMG_7007 IMG_7010




September Events at Post

builders depot with names

Post Gallery presents a DIY builders workshop to be conducted by Tengal Drilon, Merv Espina, Tad Ermitanio, IC Jaucian, Roger Lopez, Pow Martinez, Cris Garcimo, Eric Calilan,  Alden Santiago andCaliph8 on September 5 at 6PM.
Attendees may bring their own DIY electronics project and exchange tech and build info.

This session is FREE and open to all!

selecter fm nano owel apol sb zine launch lo


Post’s 2nd edition of Selecter FM session will feature video projections and audio by Mariano Ching, Apol Sta. Maria, and Owel Alvero.

This will coincide with the launch of Saturnino Basilia‘s latest zine Before Us, Nothing Existed Here by Allan Balisi. Produced in editions of 60, the zine is a compilation of drawings derived from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 film, Alphaville. The text is lifted from the film’s dialogue, specifically from 32:20 to 35:39, and used as a basis and accompanying text for Allan’s 26 drawings.



invite00_coprolite happens

On September 13, Jed Escueta will be opening his solo exhibit Coprolite Happens, a sort of accounting/inventory of the photos he has taken over the past years since he started exhibiting and diaristically taking photos since 1999.

His method of taking stock from his personal archive are not chronologically categorized or filed but presented with an introspective distance,  yet they’re all linked by a sentient narrative of lives glimpsed in a flash and memories affixed as fossils on paper, purged as image projections, what were once conceived of light are purged back to light, a selection from more than a thousand that he has pooled from negatives, prints and digital files. 

Coprolite Happens will be on view until October 25.