Selecter FM Halloween Edition with Yason Banal

yason selecter

Selecter FM Session Presents : Yason Banal’s FRIDAY THE 31TH! PARTY LIKE YOU’RE DEAD! For this special Halloween Selecter FM Session, Yason has asked 31 artists to contribute a song each making up a compilation of dance-y tunes for the “dead” which will be played that night.
The 31 song-compilation in turn will be burned on to CDs and will be given to 13 party-goers on the 31st. Included in this compilation is an Exquisite Corpse text from 31 artists who are also tasked to send a 31-word text, which can either be an original text, or appropriated, paraphrased, cut and pasted, fiction or non-fiction, all made in the the spirit of revelry and death (be it physical or metaphysical state of being “dead”, critical or creative, silly or serious).
We encourage everyone also to come in their Halloween Best for a chance of winning a prize and bragging rights to Halloween Muse of the year.
Beer and barbeque will also be served. Party starts at around 730 PM.

Art Talks by Jed Escueta and Jeona Zoleta

Last Saturday October 11, Post hosted a couple of art talks with Jed Escueta who did a walk through of his ongoing exhibit Coprolite Happens and with Jeona Zoleta who had a show-and-tell of the art residency program she had recently been in which was hosted by Fontanelle in Adelaide, Australia.  A lot of insights were shared as to the process Jed utilizes in how he takes pictures, and the subjects he chooses, relating it as much to the photographic print or format of presentation for each.  The talk continued on with good vibes and high spirits with Jeona’s amusingly entertaining presentation of her stay in Adelaide. Hosted by Fontanelle, her residency culminated in an exhibit D’luxe Fantasy Freak Make-Up Kit where it included an impromptu workshop on Budots dancing.







And here’s an excerpt of Jed’ talk






Some images from Jeona’s slide show of her stay in Adelaide, Australia at Fontanelle

IMG_7560 IMG_7564


Jeona Dancing but not to More To Lose

IMG_7567Here is a sample of her Budots dance. What is Budots? and another definition


Selecter FM Session Featuring Albert Sy



For Post’s third Selecter FM Session, Albert Sy, (artist, proprietor of DIY distro Nine Iron and bass player for punk band Bad Omen) played a 28 track mix tape of 60s/70s music from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, HK, Taiwan, Japan & Phil, as well as the new release of That Epic Reggae Set exclusively released as cassette tapes in limited copies of 30. Auto-reverse boombox here we go!


Some of the Nine Iron goods that were also on sale that night, including this zine by Cos Zicarelli


The Iron Ladies zine had this as a freebie :



The Selecter DJ in accounting action






Analog to analog







October Events at Post

albert sy selecter


Analogue mixes on casette tapes on boomboxes will be played by Albert Sy of Nine Iron who will also be launching the casette tape release of That Epic Reggae Set. Other casette tape releases such by Nine Iron such as Sister Bastard x TKNK and other Nine Iron good ole DIY goodies will be on sale this night.

jed artist talk poster oct11

Jed Escueta had been taking photographs for more than 10 years. His exhibit Coprolite Happens, currently on view at Post, is a form of inventory of all these photos he has taken diaristically  since 1999.

His method of taking stock from his personal archive are not chronologically categorized or filed but presented with an introspective distance, yet they’re all linked by a sentient narrative of lives glimpsed in a flash and memories affixed as fossils on paper, purged as image projections, what were once conceived of light are purged back to light, a selection from more than a thousand that he has pooled from negatives, prints and digital files.

A walk-through of his exhibit will activate the narratives hidden in these photographs, as much as the process involved in selecting and producing them as prints, as well as his wavering preferences from film to digital.