Keep It Sick! works




Paintings by Argie Bandoy (Dumb Witness) and MM Yu (Land Painting)



Romeo Lee’s wall clocks and paintings and MM Yu’s photoprint on wood




Robert Langenegger’s woodblock prints





Ferdz Valencia’s ink and acrylic drawings





Argie Bandoy







Beyond This Point Are Monsters







Keep It Sick! Opening at Pablo

IMG_7984The opening had an early start as the artists of Keep It Opening exhibit Argie Bandoy, Ferdz Valencia and Romeo Lee gave a special walk-through of their show for the student org Ars Lingua Cultura of Ateneo.

IMG_7992 IMG_7991

IMG_7994 IMG_7997



Lee’s peace jokes was a hit with the students

IMG_8026 IMG_8000

IMG_8002 IMG_8006




de rigeur posing with artworks



the Alas Dose boys


and by night fall, the guests trickled in

IMG_8046 IMG_8063 IMG_8069 IMG_8081

IMG_8072 IMG_8083

IMG_8082 IMG_8054

IMG_8086 IMG_8089

IMG_8052 IMG_8079 IMG_8074

IMG_8079 IMG_8084 IMG_8087



DOMestication opening at Post


The Saturday of November 15 Post opened the exhibit DOMestication, an exhibit by Isobel Francisco, Tin Garcia and Eva Yu, about the psychology  the kink, fetish, neurosis and power play dynamics behind domestication. It is the first  time for the three artists to have an exhibit together yet their works all complemented each other.  They proceeded on doing a collaborative installation to ‘domesticate’ the gallery space.

IMG_7831 IMG_7835





Tin Garcia made a series of paintings that pun on the ubiquitous yellow-bordered-wildlife magazine NatGeo, commenting in tongue-in-cheek on the practice of domesticating animals.



Eva Yu’s delicate watercolors infer the practice of foot binding and the baroque intricacies of fashion and aestheticised vanity, being willing subjects to such torture for beauty, and the paradoxical conflict ensued by such. This is one of her first exhibits but she had been working on making her own drawings and designs for UVLA, a shop that is also located in Cubao X and which she manages with her mom.



Isobel Francisco’s lush and vivid paintings portray the incongruity of intimacy and distance in relationships, with the bondage props actualizing such incongruity despite the bonds that tie both partners. She works as a copy writer, illustrator and graphic designer, but had been exhibiting actively since 2011.



And now for paparazzi time –

IMG_7773 IMG_7789

IMG_7792 IMG_7821

IMG_7827 IMG_7824

IMG_7826 IMG_7878

IMG_7870 IMG_7880

Fashion shots

IMG_7872 IMG_7873

IMG_7889 IMG_7884

Animals, also most welcome in this show –

IMG_7882 IMG_7795


The three artists will be doing a walk-through of their exhibit DOMestication on November 29 at 4PM. It will be a free-for all discussion about the theme of the show and their creative process. We hope to see you all here as well.



DOMestication opens on November 15 at Post

DOMestication Exhibit Poster 20141028


Revelations are the ultimate fetish item. Personal kinks become openly-traded commodities, aspirational statements positioning the ‘kinkee’ as part of some Other. Personality melts into self-branding. Consenting surrender becomes an act of aggressive promotion. Kneel, beg, bend, worship the lash, rack up the pageviews.

However: bondage doesn’t always have to be an outward assertion. For DOMestication, Isobel Francisco, Tin F. Garcia, and Eva Christine Yu create works that portray bondage as a private – or should we say domestic- affair. These ladies tackle pressing questions, such as: which is more constricting – a life under a dom, or a life of domesticity?  And is there even a distinction?

The result is three divergent voices unified by a singular theme. Isobel Francisco infuses her paintings with a sense of narrative tension. More than her knots and gimp masks, it’s the distance between bodies that suffocates. Tin F. Garcia presents a menagerie of animals, and the process twists what “domesticated” really means. These animals willfully surrender the inner beast to experience external pleasures. She also creates some meta-kink by showing a furry monkey IN a furry suit. And there is Eva Christine Yu, who renders amorphous layers of silken sexuality. In this series, she enlists horned androgynes to oversee the spurts of ink and watery phalluses.

– Inigo De Paula


Isobel Francisco:

“I illustrated the bondage theme in the emotional sense; they are bound to each other by invisible cords that minimize struggle but also minimizes the meaning in their relationship. It is consensual but distant, unfulfilling. My canvases depict two people that are both together (and connected to each other in some way, such as touch or presence) and yet distant. Some bondage props are minimally utilized to tie them with the exhibit theme and to “physically” manifest the bondage found in domestic relationships.”





Tin F. Garcia:

“I wanted to show these animals engaging in games of domination and fetishism. I also used the term “domestication” in relation to animals being, well, domesticated. These creatures are being tamed, being made to submit to a series of unknowable gratifications. They are domesticating each other using tools normally used by humans.  In the process, I try to de-sexualize them and present them in a straightforward, somewhat detached, manner. I also took inspiration from nature magazines. By doing so, I was able to explore the desexualization of power, and strip bondage down to its rawest core.”



Eva Christine Yu:

“Domesticity is self-inflicted, because of how one wants be perceived by others. The exterior can be tamed, but the restraint only livens the pent-up carnal creature within. These creatures must not escape, or they will leave grisly imprints on a deviant. The artworks reflect the confusion that beats up the inside. The contorted creatures come from the Chinese custom of foot binding. Despite the pain of the process, women still want to have their feet bound for beauty. So these pieces are part contortions, part lashings and scars. These are ugly things made to look pretty just to fit in the mold one created for oneself. Domestication is a self-inflicted illusion. The characters are literal representations of the carnal personas. Man both pacifies and fights the carnal nature at the same time, and causes conflict within. The tentacles and ink are elements of the constant  wrestle and stain that marks a subversive. The images are made to look like a confusion between fight and play.”

evayu2 evayu

Friday The 31th : Party Like You’re Dead !


Post’s 4th edition of Selecter FM Session featuring Yason Banal kept up with the “spirit” of the foreign-adapted holiday All Hallow’s Eve with its Friday the 31th: Party Like You’re Dead. For this Halloween edition, Yason has asked 31 artists to contribute a song each making up a compilation of dance-y tunes for the “dead”. Included in this compilation is an Exquisite Corpse text from 31 artists tasked to send a 31-word text, which can either be an original text, or appropriated, paraphrased, cut and pasted, fiction or non-fiction, all made in the the spirit of revelry and death (be it physical or metaphysical state of being “dead”, critical or creative, silly or serious). The contributions were from Lee brothers Rox and Romeo, Gaston Damag, Paul Pfeiffer, Poklong Anading, Ringo Bunoan, Maria Taniguchi, Peewee Roldan, Caliph8, Kiko Escora, Bea Camacho, Mall Suicide (Pow Martinez & Jeona Zoleta), curating duo Sidd Perez and Lian Ladia Planting Rice, among others. 

The 31 song-compilation in turn was burned on to CDs and given to 13 party-goers who gamely dressed up for that night. Since most of the attendees are artists, expect the unexpected and the sardonic indeed.

Stoner doom metal band Surrogate Prey and avant-pop duo Jol3na played live that night as well.

The Master of Ceremonies Yason


The VIP lounge lamay room where all the videos are played

IMG_7645[1] IMG_7647[1]

IMG_7650[1] IMG_7651[1]

IMG_7653[1] IMG_7654[1]

the halloween decor/installation, courtesy of Jeona Zoleta and Catalina Africa


band prop


channeling The Police’s Wrapped Around Your Finger, budget modeIMG_7639[1]

20141031-_MMY5295 the revelers


Yason’s students in complete attendance


IMG_7657[1] IMG_7623[1]

IMG_7618[1] IMG_7617[1]

IMG_7621[1] IMG_7607[1] 20141031-_MMY5213

20141031-_MMY5240   20141031-_MMY5180

20141031-DSC00157 20141031-_MMY5359


20141031-_MMY5352 20141031-_MMY5348


20141031-_MMY5286 20141031-_MMY5255

20141031-_MMY5282 20141031-_MMY5259






Carmina Villaroel endorsed costume
20141031-_MMY5268 the shining twins20141031-_MMY5393 20141031-_MMY5396


20141031-_MMY5185 20141031-_MMY5186 20141031-_MMY5207

IMG_7669[1]  IMG_7614[1]

20141031-_MMY5287 20141031-_MMY5289 20141031-_MMY5314

20141031-_MMY5179 20141031-_MMY5178 20141031-_MMY5212


The “costume” winners

Lil Wayne aka Direk Carlo J. Caparas

20141031-_MMY5313 IMG_7662[1] 20141031-_MMY5267

The Bather

IMG_7665[1]  IMG_7608[1] 20141031-_MMY5278

Plain white shirt twins



the unemployed artist

IMG_7630[1] 20141031-_MMY5315

the lubricant bunny



the public school girl school girl

IMG_7642[1] 20141031-_MMY5323

where the wild things are

20141031-_MMY5328  IMG_7616[1]

Mr. and Mrs. JJ

IMG_7674[1] 20141031-_MMY5252


Suicide Girl Bombers

20141031-_MMY5322 20141031-_MMY5321

Geopolitical relations – Ms. Saigon and Tropic Thunder


Some obscure Norwegian music reference


Super Mix-A-Lot DIY


Young Granny


Grand Prize winner because we don’t know what this is supposed to be but wow!



Surrogate Prey





20141031-_MMY5391  20141031-_MMY5379

20141031-_MMY5389 20141031-_MMY5385  20141031-_MMY5375


photo credits to MM Yu and blog author