Keep It Sick! Opening at Pablo

IMG_7984The opening had an early start as the artists of Keep It Opening exhibit Argie Bandoy, Ferdz Valencia and Romeo Lee gave a special walk-through of their show for the student org Ars Lingua Cultura of Ateneo.

IMG_7992 IMG_7991

IMG_7994 IMG_7997



Lee’s peace jokes was a hit with the students

IMG_8026 IMG_8000

IMG_8002 IMG_8006




de rigeur posing with artworks



the Alas Dose boys


and by night fall, the guests trickled in

IMG_8046 IMG_8063 IMG_8069 IMG_8081

IMG_8072 IMG_8083

IMG_8082 IMG_8054

IMG_8086 IMG_8089

IMG_8052 IMG_8079 IMG_8074

IMG_8079 IMG_8084 IMG_8087



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