Selecter FM Relaunch March 2015

IMG_9610I cease to eloquently express what transpired on this night so I’ll just let these photos be the better testament to it.  And oh… the music…. ’tis a great or near impossible task to put into words something as abstract and sensorial.

First off was Cardboard Paradise, the solo musical project of Catalina Africa who sometimes pair up with Jeona Zoleta for Jol3na.

IMG_9612 IMG_9635

IMG_9634 IMG_9611 IMG_9607

IMG_9606 IMG_9613

IMG_9614 IMG_9617

IMG_9618 IMG_9624

IMG_9619 IMG_9637 IMG_9640

IMG_9626 IMG_9633


Next up was 2500 Cicadas aka Manny Migrino, who repatriated from NY


IMG_9656 IMG_9661


extra bands that night (hehe)


in between sets : beer and pizza and cigarettes and chatting up and plotting for next projects

IMG_9643 IMG_9649

IMG_9678 IMG_9676

IMG_9685 IMG_9674


Sleepyheads/Sleepyazz lead : eating pizza without a cause



Electric Djinn aka Jen Berklich from NY


IMG_9696 IMG_9697 IMG_9702

IMG_9719 IMG_9720




Jayvee’s weapons of mass distraction, definitely more whiplash than whiplash

IMG_9679 IMG_9729

IMG_9736 IMG_9737

Sleepyheads jazz version Sleepyazz, with New Wave undertones still

Rico and Erick





IMG_9734 IMG_9735 IMG_9755

IMG_9751 IMG_9752

IMG_9753 IMG_9754

IMG_9765 IMG_9766

IMG_9780 IMG_9781

IMG_9782 IMG_9784


the ever spirited performance of Jayvee


IMG_9732 IMG_9742

IMG_9733  IMG_9787


IMG_9773 IMG_9774 IMG_9775 IMG_9776


More wreck and roll with an open jam with the audience


IMG_9791 IMG_9792

IMG_9793 IMG_9794

IMG_9795 IMG_9797

IMG_9798 IMG_9801

IMG_9803  IMG_9810

IMG_9813 IMG_9817

IMG_9820 IMG_9824

IMG_9829 IMG_9830

IMG_9832 IMG_9833

IMG_9838 IMG_9841

IMG_9840 IMG_9783

This Selecter FM session was recorded and will be available soon for streaming. Watch out for our announcement for such.
















Selecter FM is Back this March 25

Selecter FM Poster


Post Gallery is bringing back Selecter FM sessions this March 25 Wednesday at 5PM with chosen Selecters who are visual artists whose practice extends into making music.

Headlined by 2500 Cicadas, the new musical project by Manny Migrino who repatriated to Manila from New York, with :

Cardboard Paradise, the solo musical project of Catalina Africa, Electric Djinn, the solo musical project of NY-based artist Jen Berklich, and Sleepyazz.

Selecter FM Sessions is a monthly event organized and hosted by Post Gallery enjoining artists, designers, film makers, hobbyists, hangers-on, etc. where they will spin, dj, or program a selection of music, or films, or videos downloaded from youtube, vimeo, or vine, or even a “curated” videoke playlist for an afternoon of casual listening, viewing and exchange of ideas.  Previous Selecter FM sessions had been held with Kaloy Olavides, Lourd De Veyra, Albert Sy, Apol Sta. Maria, Mariano Ching, and Yason Banal.

Auggie Fontanilla Pag-Asa Project Opening

IMG_9194The piece-de-resistance of Auggie’s show – his work-in-progress vintage bike, delivered from Bulacan.

This is not Ed Hardy



The exhibit opening coincided with the album launch of Assembly Generals, thus, the prepping pictured here.




Some of Auggie’s students from Asia Pacific College duly present for support 🙂




More loving support from the fam 🙂

IMG_9222and with new found friends – a Hip Hop dance crew who’s here in Manila for a fundraiser to be held in QC Memorial Circle on March 20. More info on their website here .Such an awesomely nice bunch of people 🙂



Other well-wishers :

IMG_9213 IMG_9235

IMG_9237 IMG_9241

IMG_9223 IMG_9360

IMG_9261 IMG_9260

IMG_9226 IMG_9233

IMG_9234 IMG_9236


And on to the gig :

Ang Tunay na Camo band (as suggested by their matching shirts)




Flying Ipis




A rap duo

IMG_9298Assembly Generals





Beng Calma-Alcazaren of Drip doing guest vocals for Assembly Generals






Chispita Opening at Pablo

IMG_8903_editedThe gallery turned into a bar for just one night.

IMG_8913 IMG_8914





Cocktails were provided by Donosti

IMG_8922 IMG_9017 IMG_9051

while Jeona Zoleta played toxic mermaid in a pool filled with cava bottles and popcorn



IMG_8959 IMG_8972

IMG_8989 IMG_8985


In a night so clear illumined by “stars” drinking until the bottom of the glass clears out for sunrise

IMG_8919 IMG_8924

IMG_8928 IMG_8927

IMG_8940 IMG_8953

IMG_8958 IMG_8963

IMG_8965 IMG_8978

IMG_8990 IMG_8956 IMG_9020

IMG_9009 IMG_9010

IMG_9014 IMG_9018

IMG_9025 IMG_9030

IMG_9033 IMG_9052




Chispita will be on view until April 4 (drinking is optional or it’s BYOC on your visit to see the show )







Valeria Cavestany’s Chispita On View Until April 4

chispita invite general lores

The show Chispita, which means sparkle and tipsy in Spanish, is a celebration of life and revelry for Valeria Cavestany, whose equally vivacious paintings and works always bespeak of a bon vivant’s relentless pursuit and passion for life, living to the fullest, drinking til the cup runneth over.

In this regard, she’ll be transforming the gallery premises into a makeshift bar cum salon, the exhibit title lit up brightly in incandescent bulbs as a bar sign by the gallery’s windows and a pool filled up with champagne will be provided for the exhibit goers for the opening night.  Her paintings meanwhile, framed in foam that approximate the cascading foam of a just opened champagne bottle, depict anecdotal scenarios of drinking – the rituals and customs associated with it and the wild meandering imagination of anyone who has been taken possession of too spirited libation or on the very elixir of life.

Valeria traverses Manila and Spain for inspiration for her works. Born to a Catalan father and a Filipino mother in Barcelona, Valeria began to examine the other culture of which her genealogy belongs to. Eventually, she decided Manila to be her home but returns to Barcelona now and then to continue an artistic career that was also established and followed by the European community as much as it is by the Asian region. She plots out connections between cultures, searches for and translates beauty and transcendental ecstacy. Working with different medium – watercolor, sculpture, paint, multimedia – supports her life-premise of inquiry, and her reference to Friedrich Schiller’s view on aesthetics having the unsettling power of surprise and transformation.

Her works have been shown extensively from 1987 to presently in Manila galleries such as Finale Art File, Ayala Museum, Manila Contemporary and Galeria Duemila. In Spain, she exhibited in Supermercado del Arte (La Coruna, Barcelona and Madrid) and Casa Asia. Other participation include Ainscough Gallery in London, Museo de la Acuarela in Mexico, the 2005 Flag Festival in Eppingen and Ilayda sanat galerisi in Istanbul. She was also part of the travelling exhibitions Bastards of Misrepresentation in New York in 2012 and Manila Vice in Sete, France in 2013.