Valeria Cavestany’s Chispita On View Until April 4

chispita invite general lores

The show Chispita, which means sparkle and tipsy in Spanish, is a celebration of life and revelry for Valeria Cavestany, whose equally vivacious paintings and works always bespeak of a bon vivant’s relentless pursuit and passion for life, living to the fullest, drinking til the cup runneth over.

In this regard, she’ll be transforming the gallery premises into a makeshift bar cum salon, the exhibit title lit up brightly in incandescent bulbs as a bar sign by the gallery’s windows and a pool filled up with champagne will be provided for the exhibit goers for the opening night.  Her paintings meanwhile, framed in foam that approximate the cascading foam of a just opened champagne bottle, depict anecdotal scenarios of drinking – the rituals and customs associated with it and the wild meandering imagination of anyone who has been taken possession of too spirited libation or on the very elixir of life.

Valeria traverses Manila and Spain for inspiration for her works. Born to a Catalan father and a Filipino mother in Barcelona, Valeria began to examine the other culture of which her genealogy belongs to. Eventually, she decided Manila to be her home but returns to Barcelona now and then to continue an artistic career that was also established and followed by the European community as much as it is by the Asian region. She plots out connections between cultures, searches for and translates beauty and transcendental ecstacy. Working with different medium – watercolor, sculpture, paint, multimedia – supports her life-premise of inquiry, and her reference to Friedrich Schiller’s view on aesthetics having the unsettling power of surprise and transformation.

Her works have been shown extensively from 1987 to presently in Manila galleries such as Finale Art File, Ayala Museum, Manila Contemporary and Galeria Duemila. In Spain, she exhibited in Supermercado del Arte (La Coruna, Barcelona and Madrid) and Casa Asia. Other participation include Ainscough Gallery in London, Museo de la Acuarela in Mexico, the 2005 Flag Festival in Eppingen and Ilayda sanat galerisi in Istanbul. She was also part of the travelling exhibitions Bastards of Misrepresentation in New York in 2012 and Manila Vice in Sete, France in 2013.


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