SELECTER FM presents CALIPH8 on JUNE 27 at POST Cubao X


Sound artist Caliph8  who had been in the turntable and electronic music scene since the mid 90s will be spinning for this month’s Selecter FM playing playing records from different parts of the globe, from the 50s to the late 70s. He’ll be manipulating these tracks live and create a new context by interweaving them live with other songs such as some Turkiish Psych, Swamp Blues, Pinoy Garage Rock,Polish Free Jazz, Kosmische to Folk and Country.

Videos made by Caliph8 will accompany this live mixing and groovin.

Sample of his music can be heard here.

Program starts at 7PM with booze and barbeque.

ALBERT SY : In Search of The Bionik Booger (Opening Night)

IMG_1535 IMG_1659 This night is not a homage to Curtis Armstrong.  But who still remembers him? HOHOL File sharing  AV club sessions (coming soon) would make for a great refresher for him though.  But this night is for Booger Nights and for staid reflection on the vicissitudes of nostril hygiene, after all isn’t that sticky slimy thing the closest physical thing to the brain?  Stimulants for brain picking as served by Albert Sy for tonight.


IMG_1668 IMG_1691 IMG_1692   IMG_1675 IMG_1683 IMG_1684 IMG_1687 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1732 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748 IMG_1750 IMG_1753

NILE POBADORA 1st Solo Exhibit Time Lapse

timelapse revise


Photographs are paradoxical in that they are taken in a flash, but the time spent looking at them may take an eternity, that the pictures that bear testament to these moments that are captured outlive the subject and the place where they were photographed.  And that is the very appeal of photographs, the  seduction, fascination and charm of it all. It is also a time-travelling device where place and time can be in a state of infinite loop, in a stasis, in an instantaneous median between past and present. A time lapse of eternity :

It is you in instaneity.
It is you in eternity.
In full becoming,
You in the flow of time.”

  • Cendrar

As though to look at photographs is to gaze at infinity, and to meld with it, to acquiesce with another reality and appropriate the glimpsed at narrative as one’s own as exemplified in Nile Pobadora’s  ink and acrylic drawings for his first solo exhibit Time Lapse,  whose image sources were from a neighbor’s cache of old photographs that were intended to be thrown away for their unfamiliarity.

Rendered in muted wash of gray and inky black denoting the fading of details into generic impressions of a landscape or a room, with the figures starkly drawn in blue with a ballpoint pen make these images all the more strange, distanced, afloat somewhere between here and now, easily tansportable from personal memory to collective data bank, from an intimate keepsake to an idiomatic pictograph, or a visual shorthand for nostalgia, a borrowed one at that, poached and reconstructed narratives to weave further stories, that will eventually bind everything into the great big story of humanity.

Nile Pobadora earned his BFA degree in Advertising from Far Eastern University. Since 2005, his works had been featured in a number of group shows in notable art spaces such as Pablo, Crucible and Blanc, and in CCP for the exhibit Ano Ba Yan? organized by Tutok in 2011, while garnering an Honorable Mention for his entry in the 35th Shell National Students Art competition in 2002.

Time Lapse is his first solo exhibit.

Time Lapse will be opening on the 12th of JUNE  6pm and will be on view until July 4, 2015.