Selecter FM featuring Epjey Pacheco

Selecter FM gatherings are usually about artists and DJs manning the turntables. But on February 18, Post Gallery threw a different kind of Selecter FM… a tastier one, to be exact.

Post had Epjay Pacheco over, not to show of his insanely detailed artwork, but to cook some mouth-water dishes from his family’s recipe book. For over several hours, the gallery became a kitchen. Epjay  exerted a superhuman amount effort to cook a multi-course meal that was absolutely delicious .

Enjoy the photos of us enjoying the food!

Kimchi fried rice with nori flakes, homemade cheese sauce.

Homemade sisig!

Panceteria Post.

Osie getting a head start on the food.

I got two induction stoves and a microphone.


Hungry artists.

Suspicious black-clad individuals would sneak into the prep area hoping to taste the food before everyone else.







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