2015 and it’s the Art Fair season once again – ArtFair Philippines

pablo for AFP 2015 teaser for ig

Coming this soon this October at Post :

albert sy selecter

PABLO PRESENTS Pow Martinez’s solo exhibit opening on September 27 Saturday at 6PM

pow sept

Post’s 2nd edition of Selecter FM session will be featuring artist Mariano Ching, illustrator Apol Sta. Maria and Number Line records producer Owel Alvero. This will coincide with the launch of Saturnino Basilia‘s latest zine Before Us, Nothing Existed Here by Allan Balisi.  Produced in editions of 60, the zine is a compilation of drawings derived from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 film, Alphaville. The text is lifted from the film’s dialogue, specifically from 32:20 to 35:39, and used as a basis and accompanying text for Allan’s 26 drawings.

selecter fm nano owel apol sb zine launch




Post Gallery presents a DIY builders workshop to be conducted by Tengal Drilon, Merv Espina, Tad Ermitanio,  IC Jaucian, Roger Lopez, Pow Martinez, Cris and Eric on September 5 at 6pm. Attendees may bring their own DIY electronics project and exchange tech and build info.

builders depot with names





#Destroy 3000 Years of Culture zine catalog now available at 200.oo PhP!






ART TALK in conjunction with #Destroy 3000 Years of Culture exhibit at Post on August 23 !

gif show art talk

Congratulations to Jeona Zoleta, artist and curator of #Destroy 3000 Years of Culture (on view until Sept 6 at Post), for being one of this year’s Ateneo Art Awards winners!


Jeona Zoleta at work on her installation at the Queen’s Museum of Art for The Bastards of Misrepresentation NY Edition in 2012





Cheap Beer, sterling entertainment, this Friday! Conquer the rains with this :20140805-082005-30005271.jpg




Opens this Saturday at Pablo The Fort on August 2 Saturday at 6PM 🙂


Homebodies - Invitation


Coming Soon at Post !

Giff show flyer

Upcoming exhibits at Pablo and Post  this 2014


upcoming post pablo






Pablo will be part of this year’s ArtBike 5, organized by Rock Drilon with the Firefly Brigade. Meet up is at Mo_space, The Fort at 8:30 AM.





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