Pablo X Part 2 : Instructions (On and About Video Art)

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The 2nd leg in the series of Pablo Galleries’ 10th Anniversary show will showcase video works by Poklong Anading, Martha Atienza, Lena Cobangbang, Ivan & Pauline Despi, Kaloy Olavides, Tad Ermitanio with Mannet Villariba. Curated by Shireen Seno and Merv Espina, the exhibit, entitled Instructions, retakes the 2-part process of video work : the production and conceptualization of the work, and the installation of the work in a given space,” inviting artists to  revisit their past video or time-based media works and break them down to a score or set of instructions—distilling old work into a set of instructions from which to generate something new. ”

Quoting further from their curatorial statement :

“In the context of PABLO’s video exhibition on the occasion of their 10th anniversary,  the artists can choose to present their actual processes and investigations, or work them in as they then re-install, re-imagine or re-work their pieces into a given space—this time with a heightened awareness of the limitations of space, time, technology, finances and other logistical constraints—based on the original incarnation or idea of their works and the act of breaking them down.

We liken this process to a performance. Such as in music or dance, an element of indeterminacy is central to the idea of a work being performed. But indeterminacy is not present in the playback of media. It’s present in the act of installing an installation.

In the process of participating in this exhibition, the artists assess their ideas and intentions of creation, and explore alternative ways of understanding authenticity, change and loss in ways that might help guide the conservation of their works of art. ”

“Many of the works in question only exist as memories, rumors, and text on forgotten catalogs and manuscripts, even those as recent as 5 years ago. Perhaps the moving image can in fact bear witness to the instability/precarity of our times, challenging the very structures and dynamics that constitute these works with its audience, whose various acts of witnessing, participation and remembrance is key—and for some works, could now only be its only form of existence.”

Shireen Seno and Merv Espina continue to work on the Kalampag Tracking Agency, an ongoing initiative and screening program exploring alternative notions/visions in moving image practice from the Philippines.

This will open on August 15 and will run until August 22, 2015.  The opening night will be highlighted by a special Selecter FM Session, curated by Caliph8 with performances by Pow Martinez & Kaloy Olavides (with Pastilan Dong), Malek Lopez & Moon Fear Moon, Roger Lopez & Richard Tuason.

Selecter Pablo X


Destroy 3000 Years of Culture (The Opening Night)

Patrick Cruz recently launched his project space with the 1st Kamias  Triennale, an exhibition that "attempt to address the conditions of art as somewhat temporal and fleeting. From various art spaces, contemporary art trends and artists, the ephemeral qualities of art production are questioned and examined. "

Patrick Cruz recently launched his project space with the 1st Kamias Triennale, an exhibition that “attempt to address the conditions of art as somewhat temporal and fleeting. From various art spaces, contemporary art trends and artists, the ephemeral qualities of art production are questioned and examined. “


Local graffiti art pioneer, DJ and music producer Arvin Nogueras (aka Caliph8) with Pow Martinez who plays for Pastilan Dong and Mall Suicide.


the very young staff of Scout Magazine, a new lifestyle magazine we’ve all yet to see




artists both : Alvin Zafra and Jed Escueta who is next in line at Post Gallery for an exhibition of his photographs this coming September


The Met Museum staff visiting and promoting their upcoming big fundraiser for September of this year


MM Yu with Ateneo Art Gallery angels Thea Carpio Garing and Zeny May Recidoro who is also involved with Transit, a soon to launch literary and art journal


Salad Boy, designer behind the label Salad Days

the curator of the show Jeona Zoleta and Salad Boy in a let’s-just-hang-pajama party mode


the rest of the posse

The Sutton Group


john jayvee2

John Jayvee’s impromptu performance

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Jacob Lindo with Vic Balanon who is currently preparing for a solo exhibit at Art Informal this August


Salad Boy, Jamaica, Marvin Tojos and Dina Gadia who came from a small press expo (BLTX) to sell zines she publishes with Allan Balisi as Saturnino Basilia and with Nine Iron



gif show artists Martin De Mesa, Lou Lim and another costume change from Jeona

Destroy 3000 Years of Culture opens on July 26 at Post Gallery



Opening this 26th of July, Saturday, 6PM at Post Gallery Cubao, is Destroy 3000 Years of Culture,  an exhibit, and it would seemingly be the first of its kind here in Manila, that would showcase gif art and internet-based art. Featuring the works of 20 plus artists who are from the so-called millennial generation, a generation soaked in by the omnipresence of digital technology and its consequential visual overload.

Presented in multiple formats and a wide variety of medium, these artists quintessentially epitomize a bombarded aesthetic rife of appropriated nostalgia, multiple deconstruction and reconstructions of manipulated imagery coursed through the glitches in technological heterotopia as displacements in the virtual netherworld.

Featuring the works of  Catalina Africa, Jan Balquin, Patrick Cruz, Cian Dayrit, Martin De Mesa, Paola Germar, Eleanor Giron, Regina Jardiolin, Gino Javier, Lou Lim, Kat Medina, Aldrin Olaguer, Veronica Pee, Salad Boy, Mark Sanchez, Alden Santiago, Jerome Suplemento, Molly Soda, Gail Vicente, Marija Vicente, Tanya Villanueva.

Curated by artist Jeona Zoleta, Destroy 3000 Years of Culture’s opening will be highlighted by a performance by The Sutton Group.

An artist talk in line with the show will be presented on August 23 at Post Gallery, Cubao.