PABLO celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with a series of shows This August

Pablo X2

Cubao X, Quezon City – It makes sense that Pablo X,  a month-long series of shows celebrating the gallery’s tenth anniversary, will be held at Post Gallery. It is after all in Cubao X, the hub of art, music, and vintage finds, where Pablo was born.

Established in 2005, Pablo has been exhibiting works spanning a broad range of disciplines as gleaned from the diverse selection of artists participating in the show. All have had a solo show or joined exhibits at Pablo, be it at the Cubao, Makati, or the Fort galleries. A notable line-up exhibiting and performing artists will be featured from August 1 to September 19, 2015.

Kicking the celebration off is a series of collaborative graffiti art by Okto, Ekis, Drone & Exld Manila on Saturday, August 1. The anniversary’s Illustration exhibit will be curated by Saturnino Basilia (Dina Gadia & Allan Balisi) and will feature works by Wiji Lacsamana, Abi Goy, Liza Flores, Manix Abrera, Nelz Yumul,   Lala Gallardo-Samson, Epjey Pacheco, Bjorn Calleja, Beejay Esber, Eva Yu, Meneer Marcelo, Dex Fernandez, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, Camy & Patrick Cabral, and Julius Sebastian. The Urban Art and Illustration exhibit is from August 1 to 8, 2015.

The second part of the Pablo Ten anniversary show will open on August 15 and run until August 22, 2015. It will focus on Video Art, and will showcase the works of Ivan & Pauline Despi, Tad Ermitaño, Kaloy Olavides, Martha Atienza, Poklong Anading,  and Lena Cobangbang. The opening night will be highlighted by a special Selecter FM Session, curated by Caliph8 with performances by Pow Martinez & Kaloy Olavides (with Pastilan Dong), Malek Lopez & John Sobrepena, Roger Lopez & Richard Tuason.

The third Pablo Ten anniversary event will run from August 29 to September 5, 2015 featuring installation works by Jeona Zoleta. A Photography show opens on the same night, curated by David Griggs and showcasing the works of Mitch Mauricio, Jay Yao, EWWS, Jed Escueta, Brendan Goco, Paolo Ruiz, RA Rivera, and MM YU.

Pablo Ten will end its anniversary celebration with a Painting exhibit by Pow Martinez, Tin Garcia, Jigger Cruz, Jayson Oliveria, CRAJES, Zeus Bascon, Dina Gadia, Allan Balisi, Albert sy,  Romeo Lee, Ranelle Dial, Mike Crisostomo, Katwo Puertollano, Cos Zicarelli, Maria Cruz, Argie Bandoy, Mark Salvatus, Carina Santos, Auggie Fontanilla, and  Neil Arvin Javier

The exhibit opens on September 12 and will be up until September 26, 2015.

To stay updated on the shows, visit and, or Pablo X’s Facebook event page.

For further inquiries and more information, contact Pablo at 63(920) 960.5690    or email


Friday The 31th : Party Like You’re Dead !


Post’s 4th edition of Selecter FM Session featuring Yason Banal kept up with the “spirit” of the foreign-adapted holiday All Hallow’s Eve with its Friday the 31th: Party Like You’re Dead. For this Halloween edition, Yason has asked 31 artists to contribute a song each making up a compilation of dance-y tunes for the “dead”. Included in this compilation is an Exquisite Corpse text from 31 artists tasked to send a 31-word text, which can either be an original text, or appropriated, paraphrased, cut and pasted, fiction or non-fiction, all made in the the spirit of revelry and death (be it physical or metaphysical state of being “dead”, critical or creative, silly or serious). The contributions were from Lee brothers Rox and Romeo, Gaston Damag, Paul Pfeiffer, Poklong Anading, Ringo Bunoan, Maria Taniguchi, Peewee Roldan, Caliph8, Kiko Escora, Bea Camacho, Mall Suicide (Pow Martinez & Jeona Zoleta), curating duo Sidd Perez and Lian Ladia Planting Rice, among others. 

The 31 song-compilation in turn was burned on to CDs and given to 13 party-goers who gamely dressed up for that night. Since most of the attendees are artists, expect the unexpected and the sardonic indeed.

Stoner doom metal band Surrogate Prey and avant-pop duo Jol3na played live that night as well.

The Master of Ceremonies Yason


The VIP lounge lamay room where all the videos are played

IMG_7645[1] IMG_7647[1]

IMG_7650[1] IMG_7651[1]

IMG_7653[1] IMG_7654[1]

the halloween decor/installation, courtesy of Jeona Zoleta and Catalina Africa


band prop


channeling The Police’s Wrapped Around Your Finger, budget modeIMG_7639[1]

20141031-_MMY5295 the revelers


Yason’s students in complete attendance


IMG_7657[1] IMG_7623[1]

IMG_7618[1] IMG_7617[1]

IMG_7621[1] IMG_7607[1] 20141031-_MMY5213

20141031-_MMY5240   20141031-_MMY5180

20141031-DSC00157 20141031-_MMY5359


20141031-_MMY5352 20141031-_MMY5348


20141031-_MMY5286 20141031-_MMY5255

20141031-_MMY5282 20141031-_MMY5259






Carmina Villaroel endorsed costume
20141031-_MMY5268 the shining twins20141031-_MMY5393 20141031-_MMY5396


20141031-_MMY5185 20141031-_MMY5186 20141031-_MMY5207

IMG_7669[1]  IMG_7614[1]

20141031-_MMY5287 20141031-_MMY5289 20141031-_MMY5314

20141031-_MMY5179 20141031-_MMY5178 20141031-_MMY5212


The “costume” winners

Lil Wayne aka Direk Carlo J. Caparas

20141031-_MMY5313 IMG_7662[1] 20141031-_MMY5267

The Bather

IMG_7665[1]  IMG_7608[1] 20141031-_MMY5278

Plain white shirt twins



the unemployed artist

IMG_7630[1] 20141031-_MMY5315

the lubricant bunny



the public school girl school girl

IMG_7642[1] 20141031-_MMY5323

where the wild things are

20141031-_MMY5328  IMG_7616[1]

Mr. and Mrs. JJ

IMG_7674[1] 20141031-_MMY5252


Suicide Girl Bombers

20141031-_MMY5322 20141031-_MMY5321

Geopolitical relations – Ms. Saigon and Tropic Thunder


Some obscure Norwegian music reference


Super Mix-A-Lot DIY


Young Granny


Grand Prize winner because we don’t know what this is supposed to be but wow!



Surrogate Prey





20141031-_MMY5391  20141031-_MMY5379

20141031-_MMY5389 20141031-_MMY5385  20141031-_MMY5375


photo credits to MM Yu and blog author

Gif Junkie Slumber Party

On a balmy Saturday afternoon of  August 23, a forum on gif art and internet art was held in conjunction with the show #Destroy 3000 Years of Culture which recent Ateneo Art Award winner Jeona Zoleta curated.  Multi-media Arts and Fine Arts students from Kalayaan College, Mapua Institute of Technology and the UP College of Fine Arts came to hear about the discussion on this new art medium and platform that’s uniquely conceived out of this digital-media saturated generation.  I do hope they’ve learned something from this discussion. Much thanks to teachers Ms. Drea Peralejo, Ms. Con Cabrera, and Ms. Teta Tulay for herding their students to this talk. Post and Pablo hope to conduct more forums like this in the future.


Artist Maria Cruz had an exhibit at CCP last June titled Psychology Today. She is wearing a shirt she bought from a gig by the indie band Young Liars who refashions 2nd -hand clothes.



Ringo Bunoan, co-curator of an upcoming homage show for Roberto Chabet at CCP this August 30, is also currently setting up a small bookshop that focuses on art books and locally published books with Katya Guerrero. Pow Martinez will be opening a show with Jeona Zoleta at Now Gallery this August 25.


a nourished body for a nourished mind : scrumptious home-baked treats from Pablo gallerist Osie Tiangco.


writing in to be counted


Jeona Zoleta giving an introduction to the talk, explaining how the show came about : the title of the show being taken from an Atari Teenage Riot Song (Destroy 2000 Years of Culture), and originally inviting mostly women artists she’s worked with from an earlier show she’s curated at Finale Art File (Y2K Babes), eventually she’s included some artists who prior to this show have not really made gif clips.


Alden Santiago explaining his work Remodern Guilt. He accepted the challenge of doing a gif for the first time for this show as he’s mostly doing installation work. Forgot to ask if the work references 2001 Space Odyssey in any way.


Martin De Mesa sneaks in some prepping for his performance during the talk.


Kat Medina’s turn. She confessed that the work she did for the show may not be strictly considered a gif as its frame rate of 60 already borders on being an animation of 2 of her existing paintings. She also added that working with technology is somehow a form of craft practice.


Teta Tulay with her students from Kalayaan College, is also a core member of the Anino Shadowplay Collective, and a recipient of numerous recognition such as Gawad CCP para sa Alternatibong Pelikula at Video, Animation Council of the Phil. and PPBY for her works on animation and illustration.


Catalina Africa, back from her art residency from Maine, USA, explains how she came up with her own gif work, employing green screening techniques to her collage-paintings, and incorporating performance too.


Mark Sanchez narrates a rather funny anecdote about an asylum inmate who thinks he’s a casette tape (lying supine as side A, lying prone as side B) He relates this anecdote to his work where he translated an image of white noise into an ASCII code. Transcribing it manually, he correlates the physicality of this task as working in an analogue mode to get to a digital image.


Tanya Villanueva on her work – a compilation of found gifs on the internet. She’s part of a group show titled Hand Job which will be opening on Sept 4 at Galerie Anna.


illustrator, vinyl afficionado and part-time actor Fabo came to the talk with his whole brood who are all budding artists as well. Here, he shares his insights and concerns about this new media which seems to define as well the generation of today. The concern centers primarily on how this new media can be beneficially used further, and how it can bypass traditional platforms to present work.


Tatong Torres, who did an entire exhibition in the 3d virtual world platform Second Life and by which he was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards in 2011, raised questions on the technical aspects of mounting the show, and the essential differences between gifs and looped video works.


Martin De Mesa into the 2nd phase of prepping




Y2K meets Gen Z


and on to the show !



prepping up the performance tent for Jol3na, the performance duo of Jeona Zoleta and Catalina Africa


Post program director Manuel Ocampo with Paris-based Gaston Damag back in Manila for a series of shows with Drawing Room

IMG_6525 IMG_6526

IMG_6528 IMG_6533 IMG_6536

IMG_6542 IMG_6544


that guitar is so fun to play, it comes with a very portable mini amp in black and white tiger stripes.


Martin sings-chants in an ethereally choir-boy voice.

IMG_6551 IMG_6552


the peripheral performers : Mark playing a vibrating wooden instrument, a paparazzi dedicated on taking photos of Martin, Kat and Tanya dancing to the cacophony of Jol3na’s ambient instrumentations and Martin’s sing-chants.